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Ah, I just love this song. ^_^ Makes me feel all peaceful and calm. ^_^ Heee~

Um, Tomorrow's movie plan are cancelled. ^_^; Aai, Zakimi and the other guys have other plans for themselves tommorow. So, Hee, Not going then but perhaps yes, .o. going to buy Grand Theft Auto 3 or any new games. XoX I'm dead bored! Aiie! Tasukete!

Hahaha! I've been practicing my Japanese with K-kun lately. ^_^ He's a big help~ ^_^ He told me that I'm getting better and but I doubt it. XD;;; And I've been tryin' out Hiragana writing and reading just now. Gwah. Maybe some people find it easy but for me its kinda hard~~ XoX Uwaa! Okay, I'm dumb.. ^^;; But there's nothing I can do it ne? 'cept for trying hard with everything I do and always be determined ne? :D

Un! I've started drawing again! I'm working on a Koran (Sakura Taisen) pic and a random bish pic. ^^;; Gwah, I think I should try to draw it more 'excitable' ne Rose? ^^; It's for practice btw. No funny stuff~ XD; Ah, And Runic suggested that I should hunt for the manga 'Sayuki'. A parody of 'Journey To The West'. A monk who smoke, drink, 4 Bishounens (Cho Hakkai!) and some other stuff. Hilarious. XD

Wahey! New anime from AXN! 'Strange Dawn'. It's quite good. ^_^ There's even a sex scene (okay, kinda like rape attempt?) which involves midgets? o_o The strange thing is, for the midgets, their *ahem* confidential areas are the tip of their feet~ XD;; It's strange when you see Darl (some bad guy from the anime) trying to uncover Reka's feet.. XD;; Oh, those midgets are really cute when they're running around with their jumper suits and all.. XD XD Reminds me of something though.. But I can't remember what... XoX

So anyway, Thats it for the time being. ^_^

Beed: Ano, Beed-kun. Photoshop CD ga hoshii des ka? .o.

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