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Well, changed OS from XP to Win 2000. Don't ask me why but who am I to go against my all-mighty brother? I don't mind it anyway, just that I hope it'll run good. But still need to install alot of stuff (Drivers, Progs etc).

And the other side of my life, done with first semester and now kicking back and relaxing.. I think 2nd semester will be on.., somewhat late July or early August. Yea, I think they have the specific date on the result slip which they're going to send in a few days.

Known results and forecast:

Meh, I got a B- for Analytical Drawing.. Bleh, gotta try harder next semester. Creative Studies? I don't know, the final group artwork kinda sucks. Islamic Studies? Good god, I hope I pass this one! ;_; Life Drawing? Well, I hope I can get an A, since the grades for my exercises are quite well.

-- End of results forecast yapping --

Woo Hooo! MAAO Amateur Toast 3 is on! 3 Illustration and unlimited pages of comics!!? *backflips* It seems I need to be in the drawing frenzy! Oh yes, what about the site by the way? Do not worry, my fellow friends! I am still working on it and yes! It shall be sooooon~~! One last thing, I don't know if you'll be reading this (100% you won't), but Happy Birthday Sizer!! :O

Right, a few tablets of panadols and I'm all set to go.

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