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And draw I shall. [Jun. 20th, 2003|08:48 pm]
[Current Mood |high]
[Current Music |Pizzicato 5 - A Perfect World [Album Mix]]

I love this song. Pizzicato 5 songs is yummy. Just ahile ago was Itchy Worms, Itchy Worms rocks too. I thank Phil for that.

Planning to draw the whole night, tonight. Infused with this fiery feeling of drawing girls in glasses/gothic lolitas/mecha girls and what-nots. SHORT HAIR! Yes! Must not forget about short hair~~

Stupid cold pills.. They're making me see little men with pickaxes digging thru my head. Attempting to extract my brain and make jam. BLAST! I think I'll go rest.. And maybe watch 'World Most Amazing Police Videos', or something.. Nothing beats watching a riot video while you're high on medication.

Bleh, and my phone credits are up. I was hoping to check on how Rina is doing.. Oh, maybe I'll use 'kaa-san's celly.~