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*tears of joy running down cheeks* I knew it! At least I'm good at drawing something! <:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O Well, I'm done with 2nd sketch for the Toast. The 1st be the same character I did for the previous Toast, 'cept that I gave a tad bit of modification here and there and now she wields dual short sword with chains attached to them. ;_; Can't scan, no scanner yet.. As for the 2nd one, a rather formal looking girl. Based on the prefect uniform of my school, (Dark blue blazers/coat thingie with dark blue long skirt) and a tad bit of mecha here and there. And she wears glasses too~ Cannon attached on her left hand and she wields a chain saw~~ Haven't started on the 3rd, kinda stumped on this one.. Bleeeeh.. Thinking of giving her a nurse/doctor-ish style.. A nurse might be good.

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