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Well, yesterday was very nice and hillarious. Ken couldn't make it in… - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 29th, 2003|03:20 pm]
[Current Mood |groggy]
[Current Music |Gran'Blue - Haji-Rusu (Remix 1.02)]

Well, yesterday was very nice and hillarious. Ken couldn't make it in the end but otherwise for Kent. Arrived in KLCC pretty early in the morning and I managed to drag a certain waikiki dude to hang around while waiting for KLCC to open. XD We spend most of the time sitting at the foodcourt drawing and talking and I tells you, Kent is fuuuun~~ XD Oh, before that Kent met his old high-school friend, Joey. Quite a nice guy. After that, changed venue to Burger King as Kent needs his grub, he said the foodcourt food made him sick once.. Around 5 PM, went back home alone since Kent need to buy some stuff. Arrived home around 6.30 PM+, went for nap and then Chai called telling he'll be coming soonish. Took a bath, prayed and waited for Chai.

Soon after, he arrived. He wanted to burn some of my MP3 collection and man, seems that me and Chai have the same taste in music. XD Minus the Gothic songs, he likes some of it but not all. He left around 9.30 PM.

Well, what did I do later that night? Draw of course, experimenting a new secondary style. I'll scan later when the scanner is good..

Oh got a call from Shaun, he'll be coming to my house later this evening with Chai.