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Well, PS 2 so far, has been a blast for me and my brother. Bro is pretty occupied with Dynasty Warrior 4 and for me, playing DW 4 and today, just started playing Dark Cloud 2. Pretty fun that game be, I think Rina would love it if she plays it.

I forgot I bought Fatal Frame and most importantly Silent Hill 3, and by reading Sean's LJ entry, started to get very excited! Very! I mean, I want to see the monsters!

Anyway, I'm off to Midvalley tomorrow. Watching a movie with Shaun and Chai. Charlie's Angel 2... Brrrr... =_= On the lighther note, might be able to grab FSc's Nightmares and Fairytales over there!

Btw, get this S.E.N.S' Flying song. :D

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