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Hmm, things went exactly to plan today. Registering for new semester went smooth as silk, though legs are killing me as I have to stand for 2 hours straight. But who cares eh? Anyhow, proceeded to Leisure Mall to meet up with Farid and also to change the not working PS 2 games I bought, Armored Core 3: Silent Line and Shadow Hearts.

Had lunch with Farid, talked about the possiblity to grab World Of Warcraft and play online together. Moments later on, Chai and Shaun popped out from nowhere. It seems that they were studying for the finals next week, Farid thought they didn't come to Uni. Anyways, Today is pretty much the normal tired and fun day with friends.

Now what about the semester? Basicly is hell, I have class 9.00 am - 4.00 pm. 9 am to 4 pm? What's the big deal you're asking? Well, You have to remember I live quite far from my Uni, and public transportation aren't that forgiving as well if you know what I mean. And also 9 am to 7.00 pm classes will be quite tiring. There will be alot of writing involved for this semester.. The horror.

Ah well, whine whine whine.

Anyways, I've some projects to do. Firstly is to design a CD cover for Shaun's band album cover; It's not they're going to do a demo or anything (I heard they already started writing songs) just that it's for fun. Of course, yes, I need the practice. Another thing is for the MAAO Toast book, I have to start drawing the comics AND also the prints design that I'm going to try sell off.. Not that I'm confident that I'll sell off every prints I make, just that I wanted to see whether people will buy my stuff. If yeah, well I guess I can make some extra money. Last but not least, the Radioactive thingo. I've yet design anything for it. Just that I don't have any good ideas for T-Shirts yet..

But right now, I just want to concentrate on the site; going to try finish it off by the end of this week. Since the rest of the days are off, my classes starts next week. Gotta be more productive.

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