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Haven't been updating LJ that much. I guess this would be the best time to do so since I'm kinda lazy to do research on some art movement.

Uni is great but at the same time, evil. Why I say great? There's alot, I mean, ALOT, of hidden, kickass artists in my Uni there. It really makes me feel how inferior I am, no, I'm going to rant on how bad I am. It's just that, it's about time I explore other parts of my style. Gain more inking skills, drawing skills, especially on drawing skills.

One thing for sure now, I'll really have to practice.

Photography is an interesting subject, but the lecterur teaching it makes it evil. Dy the nine hells, I can't understand what the 70 year old grandpa is talking about. He's practically mumbling. Sit in front and you still can't understand a jack what's he's talking about. If you're thinking "Fuck you, you're the one who's stupid." Well, fuck a duck friend, you'll know if you're in my class.

Oh yeah, I met Jace yesterday, in the LRT on my way back home. I was sitting, almost dozed off until the train stopped and a fimiliar face came in and sits in front of me. Kinda reluctant to say hi at first, but did that anyway and we talked a bit. Nice guy to talk with, kinda friendly. He didn't recognized me at first though..

Anyway I sent an SMS to Rin earlier this evening, her response really made me feel utmost loved. We don't talk much, but I hope once everything is settled down, both of us can just chat/talk away. For the time being, we'll have to wait (Painful, yes. No, not being whiny.) until she's able to get online again.

I'll be off, eventhough I'm skipping morning class tomorrow but I still got a fuckin' alot to do.

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