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First of all, let me apologize if I was rude to anyone, it was really insane and stressful. Friends you thought you could depend and ask for support turns out its just a lie.

But, it's alright now.

Well, it seems things are going to be better. At least just for another week. At least after that there's going to be a semester break. But it won't be much of relaxation in my semester break since I need to finish up loads of assignments which due after the break.

Ah well. At least I'm feeling better, and I don't really care anymore if my groupmates are doing work or not. I'm just going to give it my best.

Ah yes, I got more of Rin's photo. She's cute, really cute but she keeps denying it. Hahaha, I wonder what'll happen if I to meet her. I don't really care what other people might say, I just don't. Let me do what I like. The one thing I really want to do right now, is to get out from all of these work and stress. And be with Rin. It doesn't really matter if we don't talk. Being with her is enough. More than enough.

Heh, I'll stop this.

Oh, today be Shaun's birthday. I've known him quite a long time, 6 years or so to be exact. We've been through ups and downs. Argued, years later made up. He's changed. He's not the high school Shaun anymore. Heh, I guess we matured a bit. Supposedly we're going to do a small barbeque party at my place, just the 4 of us. Me, Shaun, Farid and Chai. But something came up, we think it would be better for him to celebrate his birthday with his family, so we're going to do it tomorrow instead.

Hmm, back to work. I wish I could go in #rosa today..

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