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I just realized something.. My certain fondness of girls with glasses and short hair is becoming a fetish.. >_< Scary.. Same goes with Bishounens.. >_< What is it with me and glasses..? feeh.. >_<;;

The dominant ones are always go-..

Ignore that statement.... ._. I need help. @_@;;

Masako, Gomen gomen~ XD No one is a bastard. Its just that I'm not feeling that well and the medication sucks.. It makes you feel... @o@ Gwaah.. Oh and Beed, how come you're Soujirou-kun!! ;o; Damn YOU!!!

Today's Schizo Tests:

According to the Which Sanrio Character Are You? quiz, I am:

I'm.. 'Special'. :P

Take the Rurouni Kenshin test

Take the
Rurouni Kenshin Character Quiz
by halcyon

Yay! Aoshi!! :O~~~ You guys are SO not touching him without Soujirou-kun~ XD XD Amusing..

On 'ze drawing side..
Some weird angel with a Quake tattoo..

Btw, Tommorow be the day I'm going to learn how to drive.. >_<;; Those driving instructor are evil I tells ya, EVIL!!

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