Gen (bonebox) wrote,

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Haven't been updating that much.

I've been thrown into depression due to idiots who's gonna make me repeat my semester. Thinking about them really made feel like killing them at the spot. I haven't been able to function properly with this depression on my back, being constantly worried aren't healthy either.

I thought things might be going well after awhile but then, something just came up again. Another idiot friend failed to finish his part of a assignment which will result yet another possible failing subject. I don't understand, I helped them alot and yet, they gave me back crap and bullshits.

So I've been in this useless, depressed, angry state for awhile now. I hate going back to that stupid rich bastards college where fucking spoilt rich kids think failing people is fun.

Stupid fuck heads. Just die and end your lineage. The world's overcrowded anyway.

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