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Oh, what the hell.

I'll join Deviant Art. Not now though since I need more new pics. Haven't been able to draw much except for random doodles. I'm stuck with final projects. Woo hoo! I'm done with tomorrow's presentation preparation. Well, at least for my part, I don't know about my group members but most probably they have finished.

I went to check DA just now to see whether Rina already put the new pic she did there, and yeap, it's there. I must say, Rina is still kicking arses around with her artwork. She rules! :O Worship her or face the wrath of the hundred flesh-eating zombie smiling fishes! Well, that was just a bad joke, But I do worship her and her art.

Wonder what people might say when I plug my pics in DA.. A huge contrast there, my style and Rina's..

*Additional rant starts* Ever notice how the majority of Malaysian Ragnarok Online players are idiots, racists and sore losers? *Additional rant ends*

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