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Well, sorry for not been updating this thing that much. I've been busy playing around with my style of drawing and also, improving my inking style. Nothing much to be shown for now but I'll post some soonish (Here and DA).

I bought 2 of these three figures. I bought Sanakan (left) and Cibo (right), couldn't find Killy (middle) on that day though, such a waste.. Anyway these are the characters from Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei. Ah, who doesn't love violent females with wires and mechanical body parts body parts everywhere, tis heaven on earth I tells you! Truly, Cyberpunk never cease to amaze me. Now I don't really know how to tell between a good model and a bad one, but hell, Sanakan is hot! :O

Anyway, gonna try and get the mangas as soon as my financial is back on it's feet.

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