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Back again. Fever is down and I don't have to take those damnable pills that makes me oh-shitty-boy mood. XD Feel quite good but a little bit tired and hungry.. ;_; Healing process mode.

Damn, I can't believe that I can go on living my life without people knowing that I've been sick for the past one and a half week.. XD Lucky enough back then fever come and go. And those evil medications.. >_< Those evil painkillers. I don't know why but I get horrible mood swings after taking those.. T_T It's weird.. But maybe I'm just weak. XD

I've been making a lot of people worried and probably hurt someone's feelings with this Chatterbox aka mouth of mine. So the only thing I can do is.. well.. apologize.. ^^;;; I'm going to be a better person.. No more BS. XD More understanding, oh-so-not sensitive and demanding and stuff.. XD

Gomen ne? minna~ ;o;

Oh and thanks to Mudster for linkin' me. :D Sankyu~

I need some rest.. @o@;;

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