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Well, seems that everything is back to normal.. Though, some event are not executed accordingly to the plan.. Which is quite a major drawback for me. XD Don't have a soddy clue what I'm talking about? XD Don't worry.

Everyone in rosa seems to like the Apologizing Pic I did for them.. ^^ That's good.. And runic was so touched by the giftpic (according to her, its her first giftpic ^^;) she wrote me a story (Though.. I know she wrote this earlier but hey.. XD she rarely lets someone read her writings! XD XD) Thanks again Runic-dono XD XD

Jules is acting strange.. o_o I know he cares for me.. But today, its like.. double dosage.. You know what I mean ne? ^^;; Its strange but lotsa fun! XD XD Oh, and I think I understand whats with Rose~ XD XD Yeap.~

Beed: Dude, Bring your copics.. I feel like coloring something. ^_^ And how about I draw some nude art this Thursday? XD Guwaaa~
I am so Hentai.. XD XD

Masako: XD Clamp whores, god.. You girls these days.. XD I'm not sure there's any Clamp 'man-whore' out there though XD XD

Ahmad: Alamak.. Otaku be scary... X_X Thanks for linking again and, gomen, if its not too much to ask, ^^;;;; Aaah, Can you change my LJ link in your site from Gen's LiveJournal to BoneBox? XD XD;; Gomen~~

Reins: I'm sorry about your handphone.. ;_; *Houyou*

I'm weird.. XD Whee!

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