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Well, I'll have to go an re-enrol for my next semester tomorrow. It's in Cyberjaya, I hope everything gonna be smooth. Dude, it's kinda weird to see your college is semi-finished. Well, mingling around with the construction workers won't be bad I guess.

Somehow I kinda regretted enrolling in Limkokwing. Should've gone for The One Academy/MMU/Saito or some other art colleges.

Ah well. Screw Limkokwing. I just wanna graduate and get the hell out from there.

Kenjutsu and Jujitsu class be alright. Gonna have a Kenjutsu demo on 4th March at Sedaya College. Jujitsu is painful, for now. Especially for the grappling sparring, exhausting but fun. My sensei (Mr. Frank Albert) is somewhat.. insane. Well, insane in a good way of course. A little dirty minded and foul mouthed but he's alright and nice.

I have another Kenjutsu and Jujitsu class tomorrow. Probably not going to learn any new moves for Kenjutsu besides for the 3 link slashes and practice for the upcoming demo. Jujitsu? Prolly practice the same grapples, throws and counters we learned but I'm keeping my eyes open for the grappling sparring session.

Oh yes. Artworks. Eer.. Soonish?

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