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Jin Kazama be the coolest character in Tekken 3.. XD Next to Nina Williams~ XD Played survivor in Tekken 3 and the results are, Jin Kazama with 35 wins and Nina Williams with 29 wins.. ;_; I'm not sure what game to play next.. Finished AITD with Aline Cedrac so maybe I'll go play Edward Carnby.. @o@ Double-barreled revolver and triple-barreled sawed-off shotgun.. Hmmmm.. o_o

Oh! Another blogger~ Eisu! :O

Damn, Eisu's sketch of Naruto characters is damn good.. =_= Must... draw... more... ;__;

*saves Eisu's pic*

I must say this be a good reference~ :O :O

Anyway, Gen out!

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