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The Lack Of Pickled Brains.

Downloaded Naruto Chapter 6 and guwaaa~ Hinata! :~~~~~3 I have a soft spot for girls like her... XD Tried to call Ely just now. I'm going to ask her to follow me this Thursday to watch a movie with Beed.. >_< She draws good art.. Since no one picked up the phone I'll just call her later.. ^.^

'Ze drawings for today!

For runic-dono~ XD XD Eggh.. Totally not satisfied with this pic.. >_< Bad inking..

New Scud rough sketch.. It's for Roses And Thorns I decided to change how Scud should look like.. More Naruto-ish (^^;;;) look than the assassin-type looking.. ^_^ And a sidekick for Scud! XD XD Aaah, I think I'll call her Bloody Mary... XD XD XD

Random dude with a big-arse-thing-behind-his-back-i-dont-know-what... XD;;;;

Oh, god.. I am SO weird.. Gomen~ <:D Geeky girls rules! :O~~~~~~~~~ XD XD XD

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