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After my power supply blew up few weeks ago, it left my PC dying and a desperate need to check the electrical wirings in my house. Very much because I'm worried about safety. Especially mom had her hair-dryer blown up when she was using it.

Right, I managed to get a new power supply and checked the electrical wirings around the house. Seems everything is alright now.

Somehow, eventhough I got my PC back and everything I still feel a little bit depressed and unmotivated to do things.. I mean, I should feel at least better.

Anyhow, finished Front Mission 4, Quite short. Finished Silent Hill 3, <3 Heather. And.. Watched The Passion of The Christ. T'was good. Alot of healthy and curious religion/history discussion among friends after all of us watched it.

Yeah, good to be back I guess. I didn't miss anything.. I think..?

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