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The Mad, Peaceful Schizo.

It's scary what music can do to control human emotions. Downloaded 4 songs last night. 2 of them, Rydia and Theme Of Love from Final Fantasy 4 (2 in Japan), Celtic Version, is really really good. @_@ As good as Sora E by Eri Kawai I should say~ :D :D :D

And the another 2, oh wait.. No, Make it three~ ^^;; From Guilty Gear X. Writhe In Pain, Fatal Duel Double and No Mercy, is your heavy-badass-i-want-to-kill-you song XD XD XD. The 'Writhe In Pain' totally gives me the urge to be evil XD XD XD and glad to be a schizophrenic~ XD XD XD In short, These 3 songs really pumps your heart off the spire~ XD XD While the other 2, makes you feel woozy and goody-goody~ ^_^;;;;;

I am so weird XD XD

Beed: So what's up with tommorow? Call me bugger~ T_T;;

Right, Time to draw.. T_T;

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