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The Trial Of The Underworld Gods!

Aiii~ Tommorow's plan is a no go. Beed suddenly feels that he wants to go solo~ ^_^;;; Aaaii.. XD XD That means more Tekken 3!! X3 Just found out how to do Nina's 'Chain Of Misery' move.. ^o^ Quite good, 3 combos for 90 damage~ ^_^

I'll be working out Phil-sama's RnT comic tonight.. And, I think I'll draw a goth/self-mutilation pic tonight~ ^__^ It's been long! XD XD I'm off for a bath now~ ^_^

Too bad Beed can't make it tommorow.. >_< Yet another person is annoyed with me~ ^_^;; aaai..

Oh well.. XD

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