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Dance With Death.

Right, Bought Guilty Gear X at Leisure Mall but the game won't work. (Note that it won't work but you can see nothin'! No character sprites! >_< The sound and the other stuff is okay.) Grr.. Dammit! >_< I want to play GGX SOOOOOO MUCH!! >_<;;;

Milia Rage is damn awesome! ^o^

Bought new sketchbook and some uniball pens.. Right time for daily ramble..

"What know you, in your, so~called wordly knowledge, of that which never came to pass? When angels should have walked amongst us, rather than cry out with empassioned frenzy, that we know not what we do. Where was *your* god, when these devine creatures fell from the heavens, doved~winged and aflame... and they conceeded to roam about the earth preying on flesh as errant leather winged souls. You have the *audacity* to judge us? You hypocrates made us... and now you wish to destroy us for the very foundation of our existance? It's a shame really, to know that all those priests and preachers, rattle off about absolutely nothing, with their, 'shalt nots' and other such like impossibilities. Your words are, more than likely, your only saving grace... at least your ancestors had common sense;

Perhaps that he
For whom this bell tolls
May be so ill that
He knows not that it tolls
For him.
And perchance that I,
Thinking myself
So much better than I am,
That those around me have caused it
To toll for me...

and I know not that.

Look into my crimson eyes,
And you might see the cry that I futilly gave...

Help me.


Nuahahahahaha!!! >:D

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