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Still can't sleep.

Yep, my sleeping disorder kicks in again. Yay! @_@;;

My uncle already called my mum. Thank god they reached Kuala Lumpur safely from Sabah. I think I overheard mum's conversation with my uncle that they got a tour guide or something. Well, that's good. Dad have been bugging mum to tell my uncle (which his name is Morris) to stay at our place.

Dude, they already booked a room at some 5 star hotel why would they want to stay at our place? 'sides, that means I have to move out from my room then. And I don't think cousins and their parents like candles and weird things hanging around their room. So probably tomorrow would be a tight schedule. Great. Maybe I can check out my cute cousins. Good god, Sabahan chics are soo damn cute. Maybe I'll marry a Sabahan one day. XD;; I wonder how my kids would turn out.

Looks like I gotta cancel my plans with Luqman tomorrow. By the way, Jules was telling me how he wanted the game 'Typing Of The Dead' so much. So I thought maybe I could buy him that for Christmas. I know it isn't that much but hey, who knows maybe I'll put some other stuff inside the package. Probably some goth girl hiding inside a hollowed cake and when he opens the wrappings lo! Pops out the chain wearing short haired wearing glasses goth girl. Glasses? Don't ask me, I can't stand looking at girls with short hair and glasses. Makes me really turned on.

Ah yes, must stay up to finish Will's birthday pic. Lucky bugger. X3 And I'm quite curious how Beed's drawing will turn out, he probably kick my ass again with his ass-kicking goth inking style. @o@;

Guu.. Damnation.

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