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"Malum Quies."

For the first time I showed my artwork to my parents. They went "Oh! Hizam! You can really draw! Oh my god!" and some other compliment stuff. I'm satisfied.. Now my parents share the same vision as I am..

For tonight, I shall be drawing for Roses And Thorns again. Since Phil is been attacked by a barrage of school work. Phil-sama always amazed me with his cell style CGing and those slender girls he draw. Very curvy and quite tempting I should say.. None the less, very good art from him.. Being a quiet and non-expressive person he is, I still hold him as a rival.. To me, everyone is a rival. Not that I hate 'em nor hold any grudges against them. But for a mere morale boost. I have to go on until I reached 'Burning Wave' level. (He's the manga-god from URD not even damn Jeff and Jesse could draw like 'im..)
So far, As I see my current level.. My inking is getting better. Well, That's what they've been telling me.. I am not sure.. As for anatomy I still lacked of it.. Same goes with expression..

Well, Practice harder I think..

For the characters, Bloody Mary (Sorry, haven't scanned the pic yet) won't be using tentacles as her weapons.. Phil said when there's tentacles, there's ecchi. I am sure that is not my intention.. So aside from using Tentacles, She'll be using chains which comes from her back.. (I am not sure either to make the chains a part of her or just another gizmo/tool thingy.) 8 Chains should be enough.. As for Scud, He'll be using a normal Dagger/Katana and pretty much some normal attack moves.. And lastly, the new character, Refalna Ezieun, The 12 year old Elf orphan girl.. Her appearance is around issue 5 methinks.. Controlling shadows can be fun ne?

So thats it for today.. I'll draw the details tonight and email it to Phil..

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