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Ah, too tired to write anything. Except that I haven't seen this particular girl I'm interested in for quite some time now. I usually bumped into her in the bus to Taman Tun, where I work.

She gets off from the bus before me and much earlier too but I don't have the balls to talk to her, eventhough I've met her coupla times already. Really regretting it now, at least I could've ask for her name.


I'm checking out the new bus routes, I think she takes the new bus route to work now. Argh, KL Sentral tomorrow morning then.. Rush hour and all, I say I'll take around 3 hours or less to get to the office.

Right, new art. Fooling around with Illustartor again.

Developing artstyle with Illustrator, maybe for the next new project. Anyway you can tell I cheated alot with this pic, hahahahaha.

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