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Ondo Dayouuu~~~~

So, I've done 2 issues of RnT.. @_@ And I've completed the storyboard for issue 3 and 4.. Time to draw it nice and slow.. @__@;;

God, The MAAO Japan Fest meeting.. @o@ According to some Blogs and sources.. It was so damn good.. >_< I couldn't make it.. I'm still not that well ;_; pretty much weak and my joints still hurts~ XD Aaai~ Gettin' old.. Ohohoho, I am SO sure I'm goin' next year! XD XD Spring Festival in Malaysia! XD XD I hope they have Ondo songs~~ X3

Ah, Mom be havin' these rashes all over her body.. =_= She told me it might be Dengue.. God, I don't want that.. ;_; I hope its not Dengue or whatever..

Anyway, I'm off to draw now.. ;.;

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