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Hmmm.. I feel like killing someone just to vent out my anger... Die is sweet for those who foolish enough to think they know *everything*..

No, Death is too merciful.. They just have to feel the pain just for awhile and then.. Free..

I want everything they hold dear vanish.. One by one.. Taking one piece and another of their sanity... The scars won't heal.. Never heal..

The roses and thorns comic.. I'll stop at issue #3.. Phil have lots of work to do.. And I have to wait for Rina... Her 10 page.. Then Phil's 4 page.... I'll just wait..

Scud's name will be change due to request.. From Scud to 'Sekat'.. Just for your info.. Sekat means 'stuck' in Malay.. How lovely.. And Mary.. She's not Bloody Mary anymore.. Again due to request.. Her name will be change... Uumm.. Mary.. How about Pasu Mary? or Bikar Mary? Hmmmm.. I guess I'm not that smart to think one.. Oooh, Woe is me.. For I have such low intelligence.... I can't even friggin' talk properly in English.. Aww...

Incendite Tenebras Mundi, Ardente Veritate.. Aduro.. Maleficus Populi.. Aduro..

What a pity I must say..

I'll redesign or whatever the characters again.. Since I have the time of my life.. And I don't friggin' care nor give a fuck who doesn't like it..

Fuck, It's my comic..

Oh yes, I am a Hentai.. Yes a pervert.. A fat guy who smokes and drinks and also likes to flirt around with girls-with-glasses-and-short-hair... Hey baby! Wanna have a good time? Gimme a call! I'll rock yer boat yeah baby... I'm your fuckin' daddy!

For your information, Yes, I am once a member of a Triad.. Soddy ass like me can't never change not with people who think they're "ooooooh, I am so good! No, You're a badguy once.. We don't want you! Plus you're stupid! Ewww~ Get 'it' off from here.. 'It' might be contagious..."

Yeah whatever fuckers.. At least I know I dont 'act' like superstars nor those fuckin' teeny pops... I'm weird but I HAVE MY OWN IDENTITY.. Go suck your own cock and fuck yourself.. Go masturbate with those teeny posters of yours.. Like I fucking care if you guys die.. And I hope you burn in Hell too... Oh, And don't forget to sing 'Lucky' by Britney 'Slut Bitch For Hire' Spears in Hell.. Because the demons down there really need something to pump up their rage..

Do please writhe in pain.. I want to hear your screams..

Hmmph.. So ends my rage..

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