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The Hundred Years War.

Doesn't make sense but hey, I need my creative juices flowing.. :D

I swear I have to draw ASAP.. Or I'm going to lose it.. Character design, again, today.. My flu is gettin' much better.. And guess what? Back 2 days ago, When my flu is waaaay bad, When my throat feels like its made from sand.. >_< I accidently drank a gargle medicine... XD I know you supposed to *gargle* not *drink* it.. XD I thought it was a cough syrup or something.. That night was hell I tells you.. XD But hey! Next morning I woke up, XD No more sore throat! It actually took only one day of recovering! XD Yay! I don't mind some green goo oozes from my nose (ew! XP) but I can't stand a sore throat!

I'll be getting a PS from Ken-chan tommorow~ :D :D Thanks again!!!! Ken-chan!! X3 X3~~~ It's quite old but hey! I'm poor.. ^^;;; You should see me what I wear in the house.. Tattered rags... XD XD XD

Lately, The online-comic plague been sweepin' all over~ Beed suggest I start drawing my OC (online comic) ASAP.. Or someone might steal my storyline.. @__@ Guwaaa.. Haven't started on the character design yet~ XD XD XD

Less talk more action aye? XD Aye..

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