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Wooo heeeeee~

Yay! I'll be meeting Ken-Kun today!! X3 I can't wait! Oh god, I don't know how I'm going to do a jam pict with her.. XD I, like, can't draw worth a crap and she's like, XD draw Yoshi-san style~! XD (Yoshitaka Amano, The guy who drew in Sandman: Dream Hunters) @o@;;;

So anyway, About the OC (online comic) I've gotten a few ideas I can use.. Magical fantasy but not too much, meaning still a little bit realistic.. XD About the characters, I've finished the main character roughs~ :3 I still don't have any soddy idea what to call 'im... Zakri? <:D XD XD Currently, I have an idea for another character.. And Rosey just showed me some good piccies in her LJ.. :3~~~ Hmmm~ This is perfect! X3 It's hard to combine elements of fantasy and the local culture.. So there's Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sarawakians and Sabahans? XD Guuuuu~ Hell yeah I'm having fun drawing! XD XD XD A giant tree, coal-powered airships, elves aka 'bunians' in local dialect, raksasas, garudas and a one hundred years war... Hell yeah! I'm letting my imagination wild! XD XD I still have to do some research on the Indians martial arts.. Or better known as Kalari Payat...? I think.. @__@;; Aah, Jules be online.. But.. @_@ DnD mode..? ._.;; Ho hum, I go do some drawing.. ;_; *coughs hack wheeze* @_@;;

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