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Feeling Good.

For no reason I feel so peaceful and good today. Maybe fasting does have its own magic. Whatever it is, I'm good. ^_^V

Gawd, those Candi Kao Ani mood icons are sooooo cute!

I just called Christine again. As usual our conversation don't last as long as 3 minutes. And yet, I love her. @_@ Must brush off this feeling. I am indeed going against the odds here. Thanked her for the CD she gave for my birthday. And of course, I asked her out again. And also asked her if she can make it to my house during Raya.

I really wonder how couples stayed up and talk to each other for hours! During the wee mornings till the dead of the night. What? Mushy words? I don't know. I envy those who already had someone to love and being loved by.

I need a hug. @_@;;

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