February 23rd, 2002

Ice Cream!

Sex, drug and more shit happening to me..

Okay, Yeah.. Getting to the fucking point.. Fucking topcities sucks..

http://deadfish.topcities.com/sdandrnkinprog.jpg <-- Try cut N paste..

Not much to report but my family has become even more poorer! :D YAY! My dad got cheated by his fucking so-called business friend (FUCK YOU TONY YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!! BURN IN HELL WITH YA FAMILY!!).. So now my family owes another 700 bucks! :D And mom tells me that I might not be able to go to college this year.. Yay! ^__^/ Woo hooo! Where the fuck is my ciggies anyway?

Right.. Time to calm down..
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    Sisters Of Mercy - Alice