June 4th, 2002

Ice Cream!

Hah! Them bloody 'eartless bastards can't keep me out!

Yeah! Finally back and running. But still can't go IRCing/ICQing just yet. Nor scan anything. No Photoshop. Bloody 'ell..

So like, what's up with Gen anyway? Well, for starters the bloody comp went kaput, HD infesed with virus. Good god, My reference! ;o; The site! =_= Bloody 'eartless! Rina's videos and pics!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, If you have a problem with me saying bloody 'ell or anything like that do please hit me with a brickbat..)

Friggin 'ell..

Another thing, I hurt my right wrist pretty badly while i was doing some gardening work back few weeks. Haven't drawn anything since then. But I might go draw something just for exercise.. Oh, And I found my old artwork. Back when I was 16. Its.... ha ha ha ha.. o_o weirded out.

-_- it sucks.

So you can say I've improved a little bit.. @_@

Oh yea, About #R:

Dudes! Sean and Phil! How be the #R thingo? I think I got some idea on drawing a short comic thing. Oh yea, and the Scud RNT issue too.. =_=; *takes out whip* Now me hands! Draw!

So well, I missed everyone. #rosa and some of the MAAO people. Oi! Ken-sama! XD Bloody 'ell where've ye been? We need to get start on the new Vortex Smiling Dead Fish pronto.

Oh boy, And I missed Rina big time.. @_@
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    No moosic. Bloody 'ell still haven't installed winamp.
Ice Cream!

Another thing. Ken (aka Raiun)

Hey Ken-sama, thanks for the freetalk #5 info~ :D

yeah, well. Maybe the guy is sorta right. I should try harder on my drawings. But then again, I guess the guy went running off scared like hell after you fired him up like that. XD

Dude-ette, We need to talk about the site. @_@ Email me about your progress in drawing and your comic thing. I've came up with something for the bonetart. :3 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

Sounds sweet? suuuuuuuuuuuuuure~ Arsenic Fudge more like~ X3

EErr.. Portal to her journal... @_@

Woot! Its the Minigun Girl!
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    Chains... O_O Chains I tell you! Chains!