July 13th, 2002

Ice Cream!

Caffeine of the week.


*cough* why, yes.. Pardon me..

I got a new Mother Board.. ^^;

Anyway, Jules met Rose already. :D You cannot know how relieved I am.. ~_~ Well, That's good now.. :D I'm off to do some swimming.. :o

Phil: This song rulez... :o Hip-hop-ish kinda but the desperado guitar mood makes it good~ XD
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Ice Cream!

Dead on high.

Swimming plans be cancelled because something came up with Luqman. So anyway, He wanted me to go over his house around 1.00pm..

Ah well, Maybe I'll be able to persuade him to go for a night swim instead.

So like, Everything is sorta good now. Rosey is safe and sound within Jules' melting arms.. (Well, He did said he's going to melt..? Didn't he..? o_o) Computer up and running.. I'm enjoying the morn breeze, listening to Barbie's Cradle. Dead good. Indie-ish :O.

About Rina? Well, I did manage to call her yesterday. Apologized for being such a jerk. Though it was short but I had a wonderful time. ^_^ Hopefully, I'm going to meet her on #rosa tomorrow night. If all is well. *sigh* But, I should be prepared for anything.. She's tired and she got work on Monday so we might won't be able to talk as long as we (I?) wanted.. But, I don't know.. @_@ I figured that its okay.. I understand.. Can't win all y'know? Snuargh.. .o.

Drawing.. On the drawing side. To be honest, I stop drawing for the past few days. Perhaps I need to sit down and think about all the artistic skills I've gathered these 2 years. Other than that, Its personal reason.. Or you might say I'm running out of creative juices and my brain is melting..

So anyway, I need another streak of Caffeine and Nicotine. @_@

Man, I wonder if there's any Goth during the 70's.. @_@ During the Flower Power era..


"Dude, Get away from me man. I'm, Like, Giving out bad Karmas to you.."

Well.. Maybe not.. Freaky.. o_o
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Ice Cream!

Fer mooney.~~~ Rant Mode: Episode 1

Ah well.. Back from 1 hour of wandering around Leisure Mall.. Swimming plans be shifted to tomorrow. Kinda disappointed really cos I really don't have any mood to do anything else 'cept for swimming..

o_o Bathtub..

= = Factory 81..


He screams to be released! :O

Oh god, I'm sprawling in my own blood.. o_o


Tra laa laaa laaaaa~
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