October 31st, 2002

Ice Cream!

Mein gots.

I did some research on the local animation industry and I happened to stumble upon the MVA (Malaysian Video Awards) forums. I say, Big mouths.

Its pretty hot in there, with all the angry people hurling curses on the Malaysian Animation Industry. I don't know how to say this, but on my opinion, we got ourselves some arrogant animators out there. It's almost we don't have any animators who doesn't want to kill each other.

Interesting Posts:

We Suck

There's alot of other posts that's quite interesting to read. I really can't say anything about this since I'm not even a animation student nor know alot of animators out there..
Amusing indeed. And for kicks, we animate with our mouth! :D
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Ice Cream!

Mermaids in the bathhouse.


Afternoon naps are good once in awhile. Couldn't get any good sleep last night.

We bought GeForce 2 TI yesterday, we're gonna sell the old HD and the GeForce 2. Should covered up all the expenses I think and now all we need is a new monitor. The current one is kinda weird, the brightness is way too low eventhough you maxed out the setting.

Will be going for another night walk tonight..

I went to the 7-11 store with Joe last night, saw alot of people with modified cars hanging around over there. Most of 'em be Malays though. Midnight racing eh?
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