December 9th, 2002

Ice Cream!

The man who became a woman.

Man, today's Vandread was good.. Knowing that BC is a guy but you can't change the fact that BC's hot~ ;O; And yes, more activity between Parfet and Duero~~


Right, enough with the nonsensical rant, off with the Raya event report.

Well, wasn't that bad, Better that I thought it would be actually. Lessee, we prayed at the local mosque near our house instead of the usual family ritual, the mosque back in hometown. Relatives are quite surprised with our presence since we haven't went to any of the family events (on my father's side) for this year. They thought we're not going back to see them again. Actually, this was an option since sadly, some of the relatives on our father's side doesn't like us that much. But yeah, there's always our fav. relatives and uncles. Like our auntie, Granny Lamah, who's old and wrinkled but heck, she's like, super strong. We're talking about Natsumi-ish strong here (well, for her age). I remember she single-handed carried my brother to her house when his leg was injured bad in a rugby match. Not to forget her motor-mouth and smoking habit. o_o

We visited dad's grave too. Cleaned it a little bit and prayed. Left some flower petals to signify our love to him..

Oh yeah, no sign of my stepmother anywhere during the 1st raya. Relatives told us that she'll be around 2nd Raya. Good, not in the mood of meeting with her.. Not that we have anything against her just that, well, we're not close. She doesn't even bother to contact us nor help us. But things are different with my stepsister Nurul though, she asked about us and all secretly. Overall, she's the most understanding compared to my stepmother and my stepbrother and sister. Really wanted to meet her someday if god willing.. I met my other stepsister and stepbrother back then during the funeral, eventhough i have no idea who they were back then. My other siblings are quite succesful, big jobs with big pays..

If you're thinking whether this stuff bothers me or not, believe me it does, just that I rather not think about it that much. Well, how do you feel when your mother told you that you have a stepmother after you believe in your parents 'perfect life and marriage'? Nah, not angry. Too late for that and I understand with the situation.

Pushing aside the dramatic life of Gen, we report you with the drawing news! YES! I managed to get a hang of drawing, listen... COMICS!! No, still no ultra-cool comics for now but I don't feel it's a burden to draw 'em. Wheee~ RnT here I come.

Arr, Stomachache..

Add.Note: My computer is still in the re-constructing mode. Meaning patching the comp here and there, removing and adding hardware and software.. Meaning no updates for the smiling dead fish.
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