May 26th, 2003

Ice Cream!


Life Drawing final project.... FINISHED! *throws confettis* Now to prepare for Presentation.

Whee~ And a neat song to celebrate too!
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Ice Cream!

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Passed up the Life Drawing project, so far other lecturers are quite satisfied with my work. But MY lecturer instead thinks it needs more work.. Ah well. At least the submission date has been changed to this Friday. The thought of dragging a huge ass A0 sized illustration board into a packed train is horrifying. Stashed it safely within Zed's place..

Rina made it clear that we won't be able to meet for another while. Devastated but I'm hanging tough. Eventhough I'm quite used to it but I still need to something to occupy me, just to take off my mind. *sigh* Well, I'll just hope things will get better later on.

I hope everything is alright with her.

Rain. And I'm tired. So tired..
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Ice Cream!


I slept for around 16 hours. Got home from Uni, bath and sleep. And feeling quite refreshed! Never thought I was this tired.

Anyway, work time. Class starts at 1.30pm.
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