July 31st, 2003

Ice Cream!

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Time passes pretty fast when you're having fun. I have to remember that I'll have to go register for the new semester next week. Pretty much wondering how hell the next semester is gonna be aside from it'll be the last semester that I'll be having in Kelana Jaya, after that, Cyberjaya.

Now Cyberjaya, there is an option on moving in the nearest neighbourhood, which is Cyberia. So called techno city. Mweee, I wonder if Cyberia will evolve into some red light Cyberpunk-ish city given in the next, 20 years? Now that would be bloody cool.

Anyway, moving there would result into me, won't be appearing in the net for quite a while.

Jazz songs always makes me feel nostalgic. Gotta d/l more Diane Krall.
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    Diane Krall - Autumn Leaves