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Muahahahahahaha! *coughs* X_X

God, I love Harvest Moon.. ^_^ Both PS and the snes version~~~ XD XD XD

Anyway.. Not much be happening lately.. 'Cept that busy with drawing, Harvest Moon and paperwork... @_@;;; The tuition centre clerk is on sick leave for a few week.. So now I'm been showered by paperworks from me mum (she's a teacher and i can't believe that she wants me to draw some comic strips for her students X_x;; which is Standard 1.. X3 Hmmm.. I have the minds of the younger generation within my grasps~ X3 X3 Poison or cure~~) and the tuition centre.. @__@ Gwaaah..

Ah yes, about yesterday.. Ken-Chan arrived quite late due to some problems and traffic.. X3 And yes, The PS works... XD XD Y'know? @_@ I kinda feel embarrassed.. First, She paid for lunch.. Teppanyaki.. Too bad no Sake~ XD And then we head for some arcade fun.. Ninja Assault.. And woo hoo~ XD XD Seems that I'm a sucker for that game.. XD XD She's like, continue 4 times and me? 29 times? XD I suck! Yet she lets me glomps all her change... @___@;; Ai... Gomenasai~~~ ^^;;; After that, Both of us went back.. @_@ On the way back, I noticed that my right sandal already torn in half.. o_o;; I swear to God I didn't realized it.. @__@;;; Hooo boy, No wonder people be starin' at me~ XD Oh yea! Did a quick stop at Ann's PS/PC shop in Leisure Mall.. It's amusing to listen to her stories about her daughter trying to teach her how to be religious.. XD XD XD Played some GT2 with the Specs (I forgot his name, but he doesn't mind me calling 'im Specs.. @__@ Yes, I know.. Gatekeepers..) I won the bet for the first time! XD XD Double Choc Sundae XD XD..

Waah, Tired.. @_@;;

Ahmad: ^_~ Old Skool ne? XD Nothin' beats classic 16 Bit games XD XD Btw, Where did you d/l the roms? Irc Fservers? :O

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