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Insane.. But I gotta try..

I won't be online that much for now on.. @_@ Working my ass off.. I must save up some money 'till RM1000.. ^^; I managed to balance my work time, drawing and Harvest Moon~ XD XD;; But I think I need to spend some time on the internet.. @_@ Be missin' me friends and lads~

So I don't know how long I have to work to get RM1000.. (Note: I'm working at my mother's tuition centre and some other odd jobs.. So the pay is quite small.. ;_;)

So what's up with the RM1000? XD PS 2! XD XD XD.. Yea yeah, I know.. ^^;; Sounds pretty much silly ne? But..Aaaai.. ^^;;;

Anyway, I'm out..

(I'll be online tonight though XD)

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