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Obviously my fault~ XD

Heh, Somehow I don't feel that good anymore.. ^^; Gwaah, Depressed.. I don't know why though.. I always get these 'Emotional Depressing Attacks'.. I'm not sure if you understand.. But, I don't care.. I'm totally weird.. And it bites when you know there's no one who actually understands you.. ^^;; I don't know.. Maybe there is but, so far none be found.. ^_^;; Tough luck..

Do you ever feel left out? You have good friends but then, you feel left out.. As if they're don't know you existed? You went out with a group of people that you know but they don't talk to you? I sometimes feel like that.. Probably its because I'm an introvert and shy.. Unlike like my brother.. Who's outgoing and the crowd magnet.. I'm complaining anything just that.. I need to let out my feelings..

Ho Hum..

Beed: Dude, Harvest Moon is my life! XD

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