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Nuahahahahahahahahaha! XD

Guwaaa, Loads of work need to be done but instead of working on it 24/7, I'm slacking off drawing in my new 'gargantuan' (XD;;) sketchbook~ XD Woo hooo~! Now I remember why I love drawing so much~ :D It takes me far away from the real world~ ^_^ And into my own imagination~ ^__^ So fuck off paperwork! *huggles sketchbook* Hanaretakunai yo~~~ XD XD XD

Drawing Line-Ups For Today:-

Runic-dono's 'Devil Summoner' picture.
'Gain Zero' Character Line-ups.
Single gothic drawing. (Frilly Dresses!)

Oh another thing, I really should finish those sketches that I'm planning to send over to Rose.. @_@ Some stuff for the guys at Aus... @_@;;;

Fairy Fore Rules! XD

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