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Not going to the MAAO meeting..

*sigh* Yes, Not going to the MAAO meeting. Lots of work to do today.. Darn it.. >_<;;

Made some serious audio send with Runic-dono last night~ XD She wanted to try some Goth music so I sent her Dead Can Dance.. XD She's...kinda freaked out and scared.. ^^;; The song ish creepy she tells me.. XD XD Cute.. It's not the time yet to poison her with Goth.. X3~~ So to cheer her up, I sent her some cute songs.. (Yes, I'm a goth and I have lots of cute songs.. You got a problem with that?) Let's see.. Tomoe Shinohara and Sana and Company (Kodomo Omocha) Thanks to Rose for the songs! X3 X3 X3 *huggles* Cheer up a bit ne? nee-sama~ ^__^;;

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~ Nemui na!!! =______=

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