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Woo Hoo! XD

Last night(or was it this early morning?) be fun in #rosa~ XD We be talking about Hentai and our *ahem* 'turn-ons' or the stuff that gets us hot under the collar.. XD XD Strange answers I be getting~ XD Naughty, naughty~ *^.^*

So anyway, I'm trying my hands on Ecchi and Hentai.. :D I need the new experience.. XD The one thing that bugs me I cant (more like embarrassed XD) draw the 'details'.. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Anyway, here be the piccies.. XD

(topcities sucks, cut n paste the linkies)

Heh, rushed art. XD I've to work on anatomy.. @_@ That's the good thing with Hentai drawing though..

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