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Cross Blade! Element Chip Combo! INSTANT DEATH! XD - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cross Blade! Element Chip Combo! INSTANT DEATH! XD [Feb. 22nd, 2002|12:08 am]
[Current Mood |thoughtful]
[Current Music |NieA_7 - Viinasu to Chiisana Kamisama]

Guwaaah, Haven't been updating that much eh matey? XD Sorry sorry.. I'm got me hands full with work and such.. ^^;;

Anyway, What be happenin' with me lately?

Fer starters, I've been practicin' me drawing like hell! >_< I tells ya, I got to better! Everyone be improvin' faster than you can say 3 Jumpin' Paladins!! @O@;; When I say I be practicin' drawing, Not only on the drawing side.. I be meanin' on the teqhnique! Comic drawing skills! Inking skills! Background drawing skills! HENTAI DRAWING SKILLS! XD And me goth style drawing! @___@ And god! I be feelin' tired like hell!


So anyway, About my social life? Dude... XD I don't have one! XD XD Oh! Oh! 'cept that particular cute cat girl I love~ X3 Mmmmmmmmmmm~~ X3 I be havin' the hots fer her I tells ya! X3

Right, Back to practicing! >__<;;;