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What do we have here? Runic-dono and Ross journals..


So.. What's been happening lately..? Well, went out with my brother last night.. He wants to grab some CDs and other stuff for his college.. So he dragged me along... After we bought our stuff, head back and take a break on the roof of our house.. Yes, We are strange.. It's a beautiful night I must say.. Stars be here and there.. A mug of hot coffee and some cigs.. We relaxed, killing ourselves by fillin' up our lungs with tar and of course, The sight is beautiful.. Though we get the stares from our neighbours..

We talked about our current family problems.. Our future.. I told him that I might not be able to further my studies this year.. He said that it's okay and I might take this chance to boost up my art skills.. We talked about how we love our mother and how annoying dad can be sometimes.. I know its bad to talk like that but.. He's just.. Gwah.. Both of us be really attached to mom.. Not that we're like, 'Momma's Little Angels' but we feel really comfortable with her.. My dad? He's okay.. A little egoistic.. Hard headed.. We love him too but then, Not as much we love mom.. Maybe that's because back then when I was little, He's always not home and stuff.. Busy.. You can say I had a lonely childhood.. But that's the past.. I'm quite used to it now...

We giggled (Yes.. We 'giggled' -_-;) about the funny parts of our past and the present.. Oh, And we talked about our worst sleep-walking incident.. Mine be the time I scratched the walls until my fingernails all peeled out and there's blood all over the wall.. Don't ask me why.. But.. @_@ I don't feel a thing.. Not one single pain.. I believe the dream I was having that time be I was running, more like chasing someone, in this really cool (and beautiful) dark forest.. Heh.. Well, for me brother.. I think there's lots.. XD Yes, My brother have a severe case of sleeping walking.. The cause might be the illness he had back then when he was 16.. Critical fever.. Oh just last night, I think he had one of his 'wrestling' dreams.. XD It's damn funny though. Watching your brother, standing there, grunt and talk like a wrestler! XD However my brother can't remember this little incident..

After that we talked about our love lives.. It's quite embarrassing for me at first to discuss this with my own brother.. But then, We manage to broke the ice and pour out our stories.. My brother told me that his girlfriend broke up with him a few months ago.. He's not sad but just frustrated and pissed.. You see, My brother went to his girlfriend's place.. Just to visit and all.. (Oh yes, Btw.. His girlfriend be the country girl and stuff.. So 'Tudung' and 'Baju Kurung' all the way~ XD) Instead getting a warm greeting.. My brother got yelled at the face by the girl's old man.. Saying that it was my brother's fault that she become rude and impolite.. Dude, Don't blame my brother.. Go ask your daughter.. Who's her friends and what the hell she's been doing in Downtown? And how many boyfriends she have? Pfeh.. Tudung.. Another reason why I don't like people who judge by their appearance.. (Btw, Tudung is like, a head scarf.. Religious stuff and all..) And maybe the reason why the girl's family hated my brother's guts, is, we-are-mix. Mom be chinese/kadazan while dad be malay.. So we look chinese or in some other cases, japanese.. XD Mwehehehehe... So my brother bugs me to tell my story.. Whaa? Me? After a few minutes of me gettin' manipulated bt him.. I decided to pour out.. What can I say? My girlfriend is 3 years older than me.. XD;; But that doesn't change anything~ :3 I still love her~~ Brother congrats me and both of us went back into the house..

You can say that last night? I've gotten a bit wiser.. I'm going back to #rosa now..

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