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Oh, Cute cousins.

Yep, my family and I went out with my uncle's family. (btw, my uncle's name was Alex not Morris XD;; some misunderstading) Everything went smooth though. And gawd, o_O Sandra and Roza looked so darn cute now. XD I mean, I haven't seen them like what, 3 years? XD XD

Roza is somewhat around my age. Finished her schooling year, waiting for results and getting a job. Meanwhile Sandra is 16. Quiet, Intelligent and beautiful.. X_X;; But anyway, I don't have any feelings for them. Not more than friends. But it gets really tiring when some students that you dont know comin' up to ya and says "Dude, I know you! We're from the same school! Can you introduce me to your cousins?" Yea well, duh, yea we're from the same school. But I *don't* know you. You treat me like garbage remember? Freakin' dickheads.

So anyway, we went to this shopping mall. The Mines Shopping Center. Did some shopping. Bought an ecko tropicana life shorts. Then went to the Bukit Jalil Mega Sale or something. Shopping again. Gah.. >_<;;; All of my cousins went crazy.

Around 3pm, we're back at my house again. Resting and waiting to break fast and then around 8.30pm, went to the Mines Wonderland. They've been dying to go there! Note that the Mines Shopping Centre is totally different from Mines Wonderland. It's more like a theme park or something. Quite okay.

So we went around, watched some musical fountains. Good music btw. Stroll, eat and some other stuff. And yea, we went to some winter house. I don't know about you guys who have winter at their country. But -10 Celcius is quite cold for me.. X_X;; Freezing and stuff.. XD;;

So anyway, I'm tired right. I'm headin' off to catch some Z's... Gawd. Haven't done Will's birthday pic yet.. @o@;;

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