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Wahey! ^_^V~~

XD Back from driving school.. XD Good lord, I'd never imagine that the instructor asked me to drive from my house to the driving school! X__x;; Instructor came around 2.15pm.. This what happened during the first encounter!

Gen: Heya!

Instructor: Hey, Khairul right? (that be my real name.. -_-;)

Gen: Yeah.. (stands outside of the car)

Instructor: Heh, I thought you're chinese. I looked at your license picture. But then I saw your father just now.. (Yes, My dad be malay.)

Gen: Oh..Ahaha.. Umm.. I'm mix.. (smiles)

Instructor: Okay. C'mon, Get in..

Gen: Uuuh.. But you're sitting at the passenger seat..

Instructor: Yeah..So?

Gen: Who's going to drive...? (surprised look o_O;;)

Instructor: Dude, You ARE! Hahahaw!

Gen: ...oh..Okay... @__@;;; (I am so dead..)

Instructor: Right, You know the basics right? The clutch, brakes, gears and stuff?

Gen: ..Uuh.. Yeah.. (Steps on the clutch and switch to Gear 1)

Instructor: Hey! Pretty good! Now, Let's roll..

Gen: (Please do not use the term 'roll' @__@;;; WE BE ROLLING ALL THE WAY IF I'M DRIVING...).. eeh..sure... o_o;;

The car starts jerking a little bit, I'm we're off.......Really really slow.. I swear to God that I saw some of the students walking back home from school laughing like mad... =.=;;

Instructor: Oookay.. We're moving... But too damn slow... ^^;; Step on it man!

Gen: Aaah.. Okay! @__@;;

After we manage to get out from my neighbourhood area and on the main road.. @_@ We took a looong drive.. By this time, My gear switching, cluthch and gas steppin' be quite okay.. ^^;; We drive around the neihgbouring town.. (It's a small town)

So after a few mins, I'm used to it.. ^_^V But then, Its a different story when we went back to the training circuit.. @__@ Learn how to park your car.. Nervous and scared I manage to do it all.. XD But then during the 'hill stopping' part.. XD The engine died and the car starts going down backwards... Fast! XD XD @___@;;; But overall I did okay I guess.. ^^;;;

So anyway, I'm going to start the Annie comic and stuff.. @_@ I feel guilty.. ._.

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