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Whoa.. @_@ Lookit all the LJ entries... @___@;;; LOTS!!!!


Runic: @_@ I know how you feel.. ;_; *huggles* I for example feel like that all the time.. XD;; I grow used to it.. So hang on there! Runic-dono!! \>o</ (Though... I think its too late to say this.. ._.;;) <b>Rose</b>: Hey, Good luck on your portfolio~ ^^;; And sorry about your HTML project.. XD;;; *huggles* Btw, I WANT YOUR MONONOKE HIME POSTER!! .O./ *runs around with a knife*

Ross: XD Hey! My daily life be dull too y'know!?

Jules: smelly? XD

So I think I'm done with the LJ replies.. @__@;; XD Though I don't think would care to read it~ XD bwahahaha! God, I'm annoying~ XP

Last night was hell.. Worked my ass off for no pay.. -_-; Well, The tuition centre need some extra help so I might as well help around with the paperwork and stuff.. @_@;;

Oh and I should get back to comic drawing.. @_@;; The Annie pic that Rose sketched be nostalgic... @o@;; So well, I think I should draw more.. Yeah..

Tommorow be the result day! Yay! -.-;;......... I'm dead..

Hmmm, It's been days since the last time I chatted with Rina.. I know she's busy and stuff.. But.. ._.;; It's quite..painful.. ^^;;; But well, I dont want to be demanding.. I guess it's okay.. (Listens to Writhe In Pain full blast.. ;_; Guu..) Wow, This song makes me feel evil~ XD XD... Now let's hope tonight be a better night.. I've been avoiding certain people.. ^^;; I don't know why.. @_@;; Time to make up with them..

I feel like rambling.. @_@ I always ramble when I feel like this..

......................................Okay.. I don't think I can do it....... X_X;;

Maybe I should go draw Annie.. ._.;;

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