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Meeh~ XD

Woo~ X3 The SPM results be out yesterday~~ XD And.. I'm quite happy with my results.. Though, I flunked some of the subjects but since its an open test.. ^^;; It's alright.. @_@;;

Okay, I took 10 subjects and the results are:

Malay: B4

English: A1

History: B4

Maths: C6

Art: C5 <--- \;_;/ (I hate doing the written test part)

Engineering Course: Flunked <--- XD;;; (I dont know why.. ;_;)

Physics: E8 (Barely made it.. ._.)

Chemistry: E8 (Barely made it.. ._.)

Add.Maths: Flunked <-- (-_- Yes.. I'm stupid.. Hate me XP)

Islamic:.... Flunked! <--- (XD;; I'm ashamed...)

Well, Maybe you think I'm stupid to show my own results here in my LJ.. Show it the world! XD But I think I did my best.. Its no use crying over it now.. ^^;; What's done is done.. Eventhough hell freezes over I can't change my results back.. XD I'm just glad I made it! ^_^ V~ (Laugh at me if you want XD But I dont give a fook~ XP)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~ XD;;

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