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@_o Waa.. Tired..

Got back from the soccer match.. -_-; The score be 1 - 1 and ended as a shootout.. -_- Due to one certain player who lacks the skill... Nash's team lost... XoX;; Aaaii.. Too bad.. Maybe next time.. ^^;; So ends the Kuala Lumpur League.. ^^;

My cellphone is bein' a bitch.. >_<;;

Runic-dono: Nuhuhuhuhu~ X3 High Priestess!! So that means you aid people without knowing it? @_o;; I'm not making any sense... -_-; XD It's better than the fool~ Spreading chaos! >:D
Oh, I did some research on Enrinyes.. ^_^ Runic-dono.. You be a three-winged goddesses with serpents for hair.. ^^;;;;; Though they are also called 'Furies' and 'Euenides'.. ^_^;;;; Woooo~ A three-winged goddess! @o@ So coooool~~~~

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